• RELEASE DATE /May 2012


  • FORMAT /Vinyl


Press Text

Fasten Musique Concrete has started a party with a concept of cutting edge European sound in London.The party is being developed and soon will be fully prepared for the launching of our own label Fasten Musique in Tokyo.
Resident DJ / producer Yoshitaca of Fasten Musique is going to drop the first release.

His smash hit track “Just Lay Back” released by Metroline Limited gave great impact to the scene.He also released fresh and upcoming label in Europe such as Carillon、Mussen Project、Moonpool and TEAM Records. The production “The Veil(Union Beauty Remix)” released by UnderTone Recordings in 2011 was compiled for Mix Mag promotion CD ”On The Road Mix” by Ellen Allien

Side A ”Whagt”has a delicate tone and rhythm with modern and unique sound in a deep atmosphere.
Side B ”Interminable” is not only minimal but also dynamic sound with fat and funky bass line.

The top producer Lauhaus of the Netherlands runs his own label Soweso and We Dig. Music is working as remixer for our upcoming release.
He is also well known as the unit’s Polder with David Labeij and has been releasing top labels such as Get Physical、Viva、Supernature、Intacto、 Remote Area and Sushi tech, besides his own label.
The remix of this “Interminable” is the techy sound with deep sub bass, and you can feel the powerful groove from which his sound style evolved.