ANA, born in Munich, discovered her passion for music at an early age. After having passed quite a few different styles, she is influenced by many distinctive sounds.
Fascinated from the world of electronic music, her dedication to music brought her to buying records and found herself more and more behind the decks. She co-founded eZOO, an internetbased radioshow and popular club night in Munich and organised her own underground parties which made her an indispensable part of munich`s electronic scene.
ANA`s style has been described as an inspiring blend of rare old and modern tracks, which varies between house and techno. She merges that to her own unique style with her specific sound color.
It didn`t take long for her talent to be discovered. So it was no surprise that she found her way to be booked for national and international gigs, as much as her residency since 2006 in Harry Klein Club. The club became her creative playground and a place to experiment with sounds and finding her very own groove. 2010 she cofounded Harry Klein Records with fellow residents where already some highly recommended vinyls were released.
After some time, this wasn’ t enough anymore, and it was time to move forward for something new. 2012 she started together with Julietta her very own night ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ where the girls could gather with friends and artists they really love.
After spending the last years in the studio, she released her first EP on japanese underground label fasten musique. Her first remix gonna be released in february 2015 on underground label mode of expression.
You could listen to her sets in clubs such as Panorama Bar (Berlin), Robert Johnson (Frankfurt), Eleven (Tokio), Club der Visionare (Berlin), Rex (Paris) amongst many others.